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Who is taking care of mum? Caregiver screening will give you a sense of security

Having dedicated years of their lives to your well-being, it is only natural that you would also want the best for your parents in their golden years. For many, being a full-time carer is not an option. Thus, a common ...

Want to buy a house? Why not screen your developers!

Can’t wait for the day that you have your own home to decorate in your own unique way? Perhaps you’d like a place so that you can rent it out as a holiday home. Whatever your reasons may be in purchasing ...

Ensure NPOs & NGOs in Malaysia are equipped with the right people

As one of the more stable economies in South East Asia, Malaysia has slowly and consistently built up its social and aid services at a consistent rate. As more Malaysians dedicate time, effort and money to developing ...

Safety on and off the track. Are we leaving our athletes in safe hands?

In the words of Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq: "Sports is the agent of unity and as Malaysians, we should be proud of that.” echoes the sentiment of national pride for the art of athleticism in Malaysia.

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