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Bought Identities, Real Threats - Verifying Identity Cards to Protect You

What constitutes the legitimacy of a person’s identity? In modern society, we assign identification to citizens with a proof of authenticity - whether it be an identity card or a passport to recognize a person’s status.

Employee Background Screening & Personality Test, What’s the Difference?
The business world’s increasing understanding of how psychology can positively affect business practices has led us all to label ourselves. Are you looking for the compassionate “Defender”? Or the innovative “Logistician”?
Fake certificates in the news again, this time a former lecturer was caught!

On 8 March 2018, the Malaysian Insight reported that a former lecturer was caught having cheated his employer by falsifying documents about his doctorate credentials. Although the offence was committed 10 years ...

Bank Negara Wants Rigorous Screening in Financial Institutions

In the month of January, we discussed that there has been great emphasis within Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) policies for companies to identify, hire and manage competent employees before and during the ...

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