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Do you have horrible tenants?

Location: Malaysia Offence: Not Paying Rent Offenders: Horrible Tenants Details: How long does it take to evict tenants in Malaysia? Unfortunately, Malaysian Property Laws ...

Detecting Fraud in your Organization

Sometimes the way people behave might suggest that they are committing a fraud. These signs are called ‘red flags’. Although by themselves they may not be any ...

Employee Background Check FAQ

Q: Why do I need to conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks? Peace of mind – Knowing that you have screened your potential candidate Protection – From any hiring risk ...

Reasons Why You Should Screen Your Candidates/Employees

Ensure a sense of safety, trust and integrity within your organization By conducting employment background checks, you will minimize the risk of potential unwanted incidences that could ...

Why You Should Screen Your Current Employees

Hello from Verity Intelligence! In today’s business environment, there is a growing demand for companies to conduct Post Employment Background Checks (existing employees).

Screen, vet, check: The new hire power

Companies need to periodically hire workers to fill new positions, or replace someone who is leaving. But with the job market saturated with fresh graduates, the human ...

Background screening to avoid costly mis-hires

KUALA LUMPUR: Mis-hiring can be a costly affair. And that’s what Verity Intelligence Sdn Bhd is trying to prevent.The company, which specialises in background screening for ...

Astro Awani TV Interview
Bisnes Alternatif Episod 389 - Kepentingan pengesahan calon pekerja
It’s A Crime To Submit False Sick Claims

MACC has announced that submitting a fake MC is a crime.

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