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Background Screening through Cybervetting

In previous posts, we have emphasised that in our background screenings, we only look for information that are available legally and publicly. With our increasing reliance on the Internet to communicate and represent ...

Verity Intelligence wins Gold for Best Background Screening Provider in the HR Vendors of the Year 2017
Verity Intelligence is honoured to be the Gold winner in the Best Background Screening Provider category of the Human Resource Vendors of the Year Awards 2017, an awards programme that puts the spotlight on the best HR solution providers in ...
Sexual Harassment At The Workplace - Can It Be Prevented with Background Screening?

The recent public sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein made the headlines a few weeks back. The scandal empowered men and women to contribute more than 12 million posts ...

This is how the Malaysian data breach affects you!

(A Public Service Announcement) Last week, Malaysia’s biggest data breach topped news headlines, where around 46.2 million mobile number subscribers had their information leaked. Personal details like home addresses, MyKad ...

Background Screening for Employment History

As in one of our older articles, we can see that it is very easy to lie on a CV. With the lack of standards for pre-hire background screenings, a candidate’s employment history and reference can be easily exaggerated or ...

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