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Should I say yes to a background screen?

The interview went great, and your prospective manager got along with you swimmingly, now all that’s left is the background screen! It’s the final step before you are officially employed but you can’t shake that ...

Fresh Graduates = Fresh Track Record?

With plenty of graduating students every year, one of the questions that probably looms on your mind as an employer is: what are the benefits of hiring a fresh graduate? There is a general assumption that a fresh ...

Landlords! Here are 5 Reasons to Pre-Screen Your Tenants!

In Malaysia, the eviction process can be a complete nightmare! In the event that you’ve got a problematic tenant that is constantly damaging your property or has not paid rent for three months, it could take between ...

Uber comes under the spotlight of background screening. Case study in London, similar issue in Malaysia

For the uninitiated, background screening may not seem necessary or even relevant. However, two separate, yet similar situations in both London and in Malaysia have shone the spotlight on background screening ...

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