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Be vigilant of fake professors

IN 2004, Laura Callahan, then the senior director and chief information officer of the United States’ Department of Homeland Security, stepped down from her position ...

Check certificates with MQA to identify fake diploma, degree: Higher Education Ministry

KUALA LUMPUR: Employers are advised to refer to the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) to check the certificates of job applicants to avoid being cheated ...

MQA to take action on 11 ‘universities’ over fraudulent degrees

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) is currently taking action on 11 “universities” for selling fraudulent degrees and has cautioned the public ...

Man spent 2 years and $10,000 on bogus degree

Alan (not his real name) spent two years dashing from his army camp to school in the evenings to complete a part-time banking and finance degree course. He was then doing his national ...

Fake degree racket busted in Mohali; three arrested

The police today claimed to have unearthed a fake degree/certificate racket with the arrest of three persons here.The suspects, identified as Raj Kumar from Dabwali Kalan ...

A New Blacklist In Town

Location: KL Offence: Did Not Settle Income Tax Payments Offender: Financial Consultant Details: Sometimes it is not a candidate’s poor performance, qualifications or integrity ...

Bogus doc faked HIV test to get work pass

SINGAPORE: He pretended to be a professor in child psychology and lied to the authorities about his HIV status to land jobs at two local polytechnics.

Rampant academic dishonesty is alive and well in Malaysia

ONE of the more destructive traits of Malaysia society today is academic dishonesty. It runs throughout many facets of society. Academic dishonesty is not just an education ...

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