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Government Ministries should consider increased industry collaborations to keep citizens safe | Background Screening Malaysia
The child sex offender registry currently only holds an approximate number of 3000 paedophiles and while the results are shared instantly, applicants seeking information would need to have the checks done at the department’s state office ...
Parents need to be vigilant in keeping children out of reach of sexual predators! | Background Screening
<p>That is not the case at all because complacency has no place in ensuring security, especially those involving children who can only rely on the adults to protect them against such predators. Hannah Yeoh remarked, ...</p>
Taking small steps to protect Malaysian children | Background Screening
In Malaysia, the odds feel stacked even higher against them. On top of the ever-present guilt of leaving their young children in others’ care, working parents in Malaysia have been ...
Open tenders and full pockets—battling fraud among contractors | Background Screening

Since its change in government, Malaysia has seen a number of high-level, much publicised development projects get postponed or cancelled for various reasons. Among them are the suspicion of inflated costs ...

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