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A Screen In Time Saves The Salary Of Nine

Verity Intelligence recently wrote a by-line for SME Magazine, make sure you grab a copy of this month’s issue! In the issue, Verity Intelligence shared the common misconceptions ...

Scams: The Long Game

When you think scammers, what comes to mind is one unscrupulous-looking individual coming up to you looking to relieve you of all your money. However, the truth can ...

Fake certifications+ Fake skills = Dangerous risks

If you’re concerned about unqualified doctors, architects or others in high-risk jobs being allowed to practice, you’re not alone. Fake certifications are a risk and this situation has ...

Background screening for Little Embellishments

“This is one impressive CV,” you say to your latest interviewee. A few days later, you have a new employee on board who seems perfect for the job at hand. But wait!

Verity Intelligence, more than just background screeners

The founder of Verity Intelligence, Mark Leow, was today invited by the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB) to speak before an audience of banking professionals at Bank Negara on ...

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