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How to minimise surprises from your employees
Since the recent General Elections in 2018, Malaysian politics has never seen a more interesting time, since perhaps pre- and post-Independence. Of course, it isn’t easy serving a public that had the same ruling government for over 60 years, but ...
Ensuring customer safety in the growing sharing economy

Since Uber and Airbnb changed the way we looked at services, the sharing economy has become a popular go-to for many of us, both as a convenient service, as well as a great way to make some extra money. Show me someone ...

Nationwide reform requires comprehensive tools

The new Malaysian government has been taking the mandate it inherited—the fight against corruption—very seriously, and it recently announced a concerted effort in changing the multilayered, inter-industrial ecosystem ...

To All Public Servants: Safeguard your credibility and integrity, verify your credentials.

The academic credentials of a current deputy minister was recently called into question following misleading claims made about where the degree was obtained, and whether it was legitimate. In the initial claim ...

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