Employment background check

Employment Background Check

Pre Employment and Post Employment Screening
The Enemy Within
Almost 70% of fraud cases experienced by companies are committed by management and non-management employees.

The majority of fraud cases are mostly committed by lower-level executives, who are familiar with the company’s systems and processes. They are more likely to discover and take advantage of a gap in the process, either under duress or when compelled.
We are here to help organizations:
  • Screen potential candidates
  • Screen existing staff or employees
  • Strengthen their HR due diligence
Employment Background Screening allows a company to manage risks posed by potential and existing employees, who have no criminal or unethical intent when coming on board but whose loyalty may have changed at a later date.
Periodic Employment Background Screening creates and maintains a secure and safe workplace that protects everyone and minimise potential risk in the long haul.

Investing in preventing fraud and corruption is far better than investing and cleaning up after an employee has cleaned you up

Not to form distrust between employers and employees but and employees but an enhanced protection from the enemy within.
Employment Background Check in Malaysia
“The first line of defense against fraud is to make sure you don’t employ fraudsters in the first place – this is why checks at the recruitment stage are so important. But to be truly effective, employee screening should be applied to all staff at all levels and should be undertaken regularly in order to protect organisations over the long term…”

(CIFAS – The Internal Betrayal, 2010 the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service)

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