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Background screening


In a post-Cambridge Analytica world, the idea of a background screening—much less one required before you can gain admission to an organisation or a workplace—can seem daunting, or even a violation of your privacy. While the thought of someone having access to your personal information may seem like a millennial nightmare, the truth is simpler and less menacing than it seems.


What is background screening?


A background screening or a background check is a verification process. Think of the safeguard some websites have, where you have to check a box that says “I’m not a robot”. It’s much of the same, except this process is meant for you to confirm that “I’m not a threat”, and this could apply to anything, be it a new job or a new apartment you wish to lease. It’s a confirmation that you haven’t done anything that could make you a risk for the role you’re seeking to fill.


How much information will they have at the end of the process?


The truth is that the investigating party will not be privy to every personal secret of yours—which includes the name of your second high school boyfriend. The purpose of a background check is to scan for red flags that are only relevant to the role you’re looking to fill. For example, banks make background checks a compulsory part of the interview and employment process, due to the sensitive nature of the job. For banks, this means checking criminal records in an effort to curb the possibility of white collar crime.


Just how much of my personal information is protected?


Given the availability of personal data to the public, each country has its own privacy law, and in Malaysia, we are subject to the Personal Data and Privacy Act (PDPA) 2010. This ensures that your personal data is protected from unnecessary exposure and from being used against you. Your data is your property, and sensitive information is out of bounds for most screenings, unless they are released by yourself voluntarily. The enactment of the PDPA has made banks, companies and organisations which utilise customer data far more accountable. Data is made available only by consent under this legislation, and background checks are not exempt.


What are the benefits of a background check on a personal basis?


While they are not guarantees of future behaviour, a personal background check is a testament of character, or at least of historical integrity. For situations which require more assurance, a background check can make all the difference between you and that thing you want, be it that job you covet, or your dream rental. Occupations with higher stakes, such as education or healthcare, require employees that can be implicitly trusted, and this trust can be earned by having a personal background check on yourself. Gain the upper hand over other candidates by signing up for a personal background check at https://www.verityplusonline.com/. Every check is made with your clear consent, with fast results and easy-to-understand instructions that demystify the process.


At Verity Intelligence, our entire process complies with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act as we are very serious about regulatory compliance and respecting the privacy of individuals. The information we obtain, screen or verify from is also publicly and legally available.

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