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One of the wonders of technology is its ability to constantly evolve, providing us with the much needed tools or information to improve our quality of life. Some of these include better hygiene, food supply, and more sophisticated medical care. 


The byproduct of this – Malaysians are living longer. In fact, we’ll soon turn into an aging nation by 2030, with senior citizens aged 60 and above accounting for 15% of the total population. 


Ideally, each one of us would like to take care of our aging parents who once played the reverse role. For some, this can be a daunting task as we balance between work and time and effort in providing the best care possible for them. This can even seem impossible if our loved ones require round-the-clock care. 


What then is the next best option? To look for a nursing home or hire a professional caregiver. Yes, we know that this is a tough decision and certainly one that many wish they never have to make. 


Choosing wisely


Unfortunately, Malaysia is currently facing a shortage of caregivers. The ideal ratio of caregiver to residents is one to four, but the ratio now is only one to ten. Given this situation, it may be better to opt for homes or caregivers within your vicinity. 


However, just because you pay some hefty amount for these services do not necessarily mean you are out worry-free. 


As always, going the extra mile to find out about the organisations or individuals will keep you away from constantly wondering, ‘Did I make the right choice?’. Here are some things to consider:


  1. Are there any past testimonials shared by previous residents or patients?
  2. Do they have any track record or a solid history when it comes to home care?
  3. Can they provide a documented, comprehensive care plan that is committed to achievable care goals?
  4. Do they provide trainings for their own caregivers? 
  5. Are the costs involved aligned with the care they provide?


Are these questions necessary? It is a resounding YES – if you want your loved ones to avoid nightmare situations such as this and this. And even if the homes or caregivers can provide good care for them, it can still be terrifying for our elders to be put in a home. As a result, some of them prefer to live on the streets. Therefore, all the more reason for us to be more thorough in our search to give peace of mind and confidence to both ourselves and our older folks on the preferred choice.


Assurance that everyone deserves


And to be really sure that these homes and their staff are suitable caregivers with unblemished records, this is where Verity Plus Online steps in. 


Verity Plus Online provides anyone a background screening platform to ensure that staff at homes are genuine and that they actually care. 


As owners of old folks homes looking for the right staff or as customers hoping to find a place of peace and care for your aging parents, background screening provides an insight to each and every caregiver. 


Ultimately, the end goal here is to make the world a safer place and to help you achieve peace of mind. 


To find out more, check out https://www.verityplusonline.com/ 


At Verity Intelligence, our entire process complies with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act as we are very serious about regulatory compliance and respecting the privacy of individuals. The information we obtain, screen or verify from is also publicly and legally available.

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