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So You Think Your Records Are Clean? Few Things Recruiters Want Fresh Graduates To Know! | Background Screening Malaysia

Background Screening

Not being able to get a job has become the greatest worry for fresh graduates nationwide. While some get hired immediately, some may take longer than a year to secure one. 


To help boost your chances of being one of those that succeed in getting a job fresh out of college, here are two extra bits of information recruiters would like hopeful freshies to know for that added advantage: 



  • Prove that you financially secure 



Most fresh graduates must be thinking, ‘Is it necessary to check my credit score despite knowing I’ve never attached myself in anything that might jeopardize my credit history?’ 


The answer is a resounding yes. 


It all boils down to the matter of possible identity theft or perhaps someone using a card that thought to be lost to make transactions and purchases that could damage a candidate’s credit integrity. By providing such reports early on, this will not only help boost their chances of getting hired, but it is also an opportunity to ensure their record is clean. 



  • Prove that you are not wanted by the law 



This point ties into the aforementioned point except this involves a candidate’s criminal records. Let’s imagine the following scenario: 


Once upon a time, a few years back, you lost your IC but you never thought much of it since you’ve filed a report and had a new one made. Fast forward to now, as a future employer runs a background check on you and sees that you have a criminal record and rejects your application immediately.  


Wouldn’t you, as a candidate, be gutted?  


Something like that seems minuscule could cause someone to lose a great career opportunity because no one can possibly predict who will stumble upon their lost IC. Within a short time frame, they could potentially use it to commit petty crimes or worse, heavier offences that could possibly land the unsuspecting victim in jail. Recruiters encourage hopeful candidates to run a self-check to ensure their innocence to their future employers.


Precaution should always be exercised. Candidates should save themselves from the anxiety of the unknown and do a self-check on themselves for their and their future employers’ convenience when applying for a job and also for their peace of mind when going into an interview. 


If you are one of those hopeful candidates, get yourself checked on Verity Online’s self-check tool that is easy to use and is hassle-free to do by yourself. You can run a check on criminality and financial background for a nominal fee and get the results within a short period of time. 


By doing this, you’ll know your ledger is sparkling clean and that you have nothing to hide.



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