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Background Screening

Society says that after graduating from university, job hunting is the biggest hurdle we have to face. And as a generation, the task isn’t getting easier, with a record 13.2% of unemployment among Malaysian youth aged 15-24. This, despite an average of 173,457 new diploma and degree holders graduating each year from 2010-17. 


That’s a whole lot of competition in a relatively small space. 


So, what can a fresh graduate do to gain a competitive edge from fellow job hunters – and more importantly, even get their foot into the game?


  1. Research, research, research!


As they say, “fortune favours the prepared mind”. Do you know, in detail, what the requirements of your future career will be? For example:

  • What will the career progression be like?
  • What kind of traits will they be looking for in new hires?
  • What certifications & verifications will give you an advantage over other candidates?

The answers to these questions will differ from industry to industry. For instance, the banking industry is increasingly concerned about white collar crime and insists on employee screening. Candidates with a clear record will receive obvious priority over those with uncertain activities.


  1. Network till you get work


Opportunity is a numbers game, and that doesn’t just refer to the number of jobs you’ve applied to. Networking is the real secret of industry go-getters – the people you know will increasingly become those who vouch for you, who will think of you when opportunities arise, and who will become your mentors as your career progresses


How do you dive into networking before your career has even begun? Here are a few options for the fresh graduate:

  • Alumni events – these are great for learning more from people who have been around the block, and to even find a potential mentor or get career advice from
  • Industry events – depending on which career path you’re on, each industry will frequently host panels and talks which are open to the public, and which are filled with industry insights useful for any candidate 


Having a wide network also helps you gain valuable references which you can use in your job search to help employers gather insightful testimony to you as a person.


  1. Make yourself shine!

And by this, we don’t mean a style or fashion makeover (unless you feel that will give you the step ahead that you need). Candidates that stand out from a mountain of resumes are the ones with relevant experience, and for fresh graduates, that comes from industry-specific certifications or qualifications. This includes academic awards, proof of participation in industry-specific training, as well as proof of special clearance. Candidates that can provide transparency and proof of a clean background also gain an edge over the others – and these services are often available readily at the tips of your fingers.


The self-check tool by https://www.verityplusonline.com/self-check-report.html is one such certification that allows candidates to prove their legitimacy and credentials in a speedy and cost-effective way. Employers are increasingly after risk-free hires who are not only qualified to do their work, but who also practice transparency and ethical conduct, and what better way to show your potential workplace that you are committed to all the above? 


Be ahead of the rest – sign up for this online-only service now!


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