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When you are a fresh graduate looking for a job, one area you may be overlooking is your background. Most fresh graduates think that they will be joining the workforce with a fresh clean slate but many may have red flags that may cause problems in their job search. Most fresh graduates also don’t know that trust with employers can be built before they are hired. Build trust by firstly asking these three questions about yourself before you start your job search:


  1. How can I show off my trustworthiness?

When you are competing with so many people on the job market, one way to stand out other than a good cover letter and CV would be the proof of your character. To prove your worth and character, you firstly need to know your own background. Not sure about your status? Why take the chance of only finding out problems after you have had a winning job interview? A simple self-check report can easily clear up any doubt. Once you know you are in the clear, this could also help make sure that you will not have problems in the future.


  1. Does my background make me look good?

A financial and criminality check can say a lot about a person. Are you good with money? Do you make repayments on time? Have you lapsed on any payments? Were you involved in a crime? Are you potentially dangerous? A simple self-check can tell employers about how  responsible, sensible and reliable you are as a person. 


  1. Is my background report jeopardised in any way?

It has become common for people to fall victim to identity theft and scams, you may even have had your identity stolen and used for credit cards or loans or even be charged with crime without your knowledge. Running a self-check can help you have early detection red flags that can make your background and financial profile look bad.


So, why take the chance? It is always better to be sure.


Know yourself better with a self-check at VerityPlusOnline.com. With a simple and convenient process done completely online, you can remove any doubts on your financial profile before you start your job search. Give future employers a peace of mind and have added advantage when you arm yourself with a self-check to land your dream job!


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