Making the “Dream Team” for renting takes three: the Landlord, the Agent and Background Screening

Tenant Background Screening

Tenant Background Screening

For years, rental has proven to be a lucrative side business for many homeowners with various properties to lease in their repertoire. With that said, placing your trust on strangers to take care of something you have painstakingly devoted many years of hard work into is always a leap faith.

There are plenty of stories involving tenants straight out of nightmares. From not paying rents or bills, damaging the properties completely to hoarding so much trash that the property becomes infested with pests of all sorts. With such incidents occurring, property owners might steer away from renting their homes out of worry that it would bring losses rather than gains.

However this is not a problem that is without a solution.

The answer to address this worry is simple: Tenant Screening

By implementing Tenant Screening in the renting process, it will help prevent potentially problematic tenants with records of being bad tenants, from being able to rent your property.

With just basic information such as the tenant’s name, mobile number and email, while complying to Personal Data Protection, this screening can be done with just a click away at

Tenant Screening will give you that peace of mind before signing on the dotted line. Like they say, “prevention is better than cure”. Protect yourself and find out more on Tenant Screening at

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