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Trying to get a new job can be a massive undertaking. You can sign up for job portals, speak to recruiters, fill up as many applications as you can, but sometimes, it feels like an endless uphill battle. There’s a reason for that, right now, Malaysia is undergoing a large shortage of jobs while the number of fresh graduates entering the job market are beyond what is available.

In a report by the Straits Times, Bank Negara published a report this March which shows the number of tertiary graduates entering the workforce surpassed the number of jobs created for them by a difference of 74,943 graduates.

According to the Star, youth unemployment, for ages 15 to 24, is a regional phenomenon.

With stats like these, what is a fresh graduate to do?

As experts in Background Screening, Verity Intelligence believes that job candidates armed with a complete background report can greatly enhance their chances in landing a job. However, many might feel that this only adds to an already long process but the truth is, this addition can greatly improve your chances. Here are three reasons why self-checks before a job application can be greatly helpful to getting you your dream job.

  1. Prove that you do not have criminal background

One of the biggest fears for employers is to unknowingly hire a criminal. Candidates that are able to show proof that they have no criminal background whatsoever greatly increases their chances in getting the job because they are able to help mitigate the employers’ risks in a wrong hire and give them the ability to have informed decision making in the hiring process.

  1. Prove you are financially stable

Although you a fresh out of school, having a self-check can greatly benefit your potential job search. Being able to immediately walk through the front door with a vetted financial report speaks volumes about your trustworthiness and removes any doubts an employer may have of you in terms of bad debts or financial blacklistings.

  1. Proving your integrity and proactiveness

By having completed the background screen on your own also shows employers that you are proactive in your job search, which is an attitude most employers admire. Being forthcoming with a report also shows that you are serious about proving your integrity before joining an organisation, which greatly mitigates an employer’s risks.

When you are making numerous calls and filling up various job applications, doing a self-check may seem like a hassle, however, with VerityPlusOnline.com, the process is simple, convenient and completely online. Arm yourself with a self-check as a competitive advantage to secure your dream job today!

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