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A background screening service for all Malaysians

Scams, identity theft, fraud, employees with fake credentials – it can be hard to know if people are really who they say they are. Verity Intelligence takes a big step towards solving this issue with its new Verity Plus Online platform, a background screening service for all Malaysians.

What is background screening?

Most people believe that background screenings are only for employers to be sure of the person they are hiring. It has become more common practice in Malaysia, in following trends from more developed economies. Conducting background screening involves checks on the potential employee’s previous employment, integrity, financial history, business interest, education and skills – which provides a good overview of the person’s character and suitability to the job.

However, background screening can also be useful to help minimise risks beyond the human resource setting. Background screenings can help prevent dealings with unsavoury characters in various situations such as getting a new babysitter, a driver, a new business partner, or even a new tenant for your property.

Is background screening legal?

Another misconception people have is that background screening involves snooping around to dig for classified information illegally. This simply isn’t true as all information gathered by Verity Intelligence are done legally and via publicly accessible information.

Benefits of background screening

If used correctly, the benefits of background screening are tremendous. You can:

  • Secure yourself financially by ensuring you don’t surround yourself with the wrong type of people that may want to defraud or con you.
  • Safeguard the security of yourself, your family and your loved ones by making sure that you do not allow predators or criminals in your environment.
  • Enhance your trust with those around you, as you are assured that they are who they say they are, and thus give you peace of mind.

Verity Plus Online

Experience the benefits for yourself with the new background screening platform that provides a simple and convenient service at your fingertips. Verity Plus Online was just launched to make Malaysia a safer place and it is the first of its kind in Malaysia, aimed to quickly provide background screening via a simple online system.

Visit www.verityplusonline.com or learn more how background screening can help you and your loved ones at www.verityintel.com. #TruthBeTold #BackgroundScreening

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