How to minimise surprises from your employees

Since the recent General Elections in 2018, Malaysian politics has never seen a more interesting time, since perhaps pre- and post-Independence. Of course, it isn’t easy serving a public that had the same ruling government for over 60 years, but it isn’t made easier by coming into power with the promise of reform. The rakyat holds the current government to a higher standard, with the expectation of #MalaysiaBaru and a significant change from those who previously held power. Every little thing is scrutinised, held to a microscope, examined and debated in social spheres.


So imagine the unpleasant surprise when you learn that the people you’ve appointed to work with have been lying about their qualifications.


Amid allegations that a Deputy Minister of the new government has been misleading the public about his academic qualifications—with press statements and personal profiles each misstating the level of qualifications and the name of the institution—there has been a renewed debate among the Malaysian public on the significance of qualifications and certifications in the workplace. While part of the discussion has hinged on our obsession with titles and doctorates, many have brought to light the legal implications, and the possibility of fraud committed.


Political figures may justly be placed to a higher degree of scrutiny, but the implications of misleading employers cut the same across industries and workplaces. Professional institutions such as the financial and medical sector hinge on the people they hire being legitimately qualified and experienced to serve. You wouldn’t hire a doctor with a fake degree to cure your illness, and yet there are more uncertified medical ‘professionals’ out there than we care to admit.


Pre-employment screenings are a good way to verify information provided by prospective candidates during the hiring process. Such background checks are a quick, consensual, accurate, secure and ultimately practical solution for all parties involved—and it saves companies and institutions from a lot of grief in the long run. Malpractice suits and bad publicity are just really not worth it for any sort of business.


Don’t believe us? Just read the news.


With fraudulent qualifications rampant on various levels in this country, it is important to take steps in preventing harm to you and your business interests.


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