To All Public Servants: Safeguard your credibility and integrity, verify your credentials.

The academic credentials of a current deputy minister was recently called into question following misleading claims made about where the degree was obtained, and whether it was legitimate.

In the initial claim, the official had appeared to have obtained a degree from a prestigious UK university. However, checks with the institution revealed that such a degree was never offered. The issue has not only affected the integrity of the official in question, but also that of other ministers whose credentials have now been thrusted into the public eye.

While academic credentials aren’t a must for those charting a career in the political arena, they certainly help to bolster the credibility of elected public servants, and this is where background screening can help decide the right person for the job.

In this age of instant information, it has gotten much easier to look up one’s background. Information can also be easily manipulated and disseminated for unsavoury purposes.

Therefore, this means that there’s a greater need for public servants to have their credentials verified in order strengthen their credibility among the rakyat.

While it may be too late the save the credibility of the official in question, it is not too late for the rest of us to consider the importance and the effects of having verified credentials.

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