Under the radar: Why administrative clerks, junior executives and PAs should be screened too!

We place a lot of importance and emphasis on getting the right people for intermediate and senior roles, and we often think background screenings should only be for those at these senior roles.

However, we tend to forget that no matter what role a person is employed for, there should be an expectation of trust for every level of an organisation. An employer can only lead effectively if they trust everyone in their organisation, even if they are administrative clerks, secretaries, junior executives and personal assistants. Thus, verification of qualifications and history should not only be reserved for those at the top.

Oftentimes, these very same people also play an important role as they are often the first representatives that a potential client or customer will encounter when they engage with your organization.  An organization’s reputation could very well be judged based on the most rudimentary of interactions such as language ability and technical knowledge, traits that should ideally be possessed by both senior and junior level management.

Another factor of concern is access. It can be easy to overlook the lower-tier roles and their access to information and assets such as sensitive data, funds and client relationships. How do you ensure that those with access are not abusing them? In fact, a study done by security firm Clearswift revealed that more than a third of employees are willing to sell private company data even at the risk of being terminated or face criminal convictions.

Also, it is not uncommon to hear about those who adopt the unassuming guise of a clerk or administration worker causing huge sums of loss and damages for their companies. In a  case from 2016, an office clerk who was working for a construction company for 9 years was charged after it was found that she had stolen over $600,000 from the company’s bank account. The news came as a shock as the clerk was highly trusted for her long term tenure in the company and was given sole oversight of the company’s bank account statements.

Are you safe from nightmare employees who could be taking advantage of you behind your back? Whether it is manipulating the company’s systems for self gain or siphoning money from a client’s account, many more get scot free when they are not screened.

It is never too safe to be sure when it comes to screening your employees, whether it be a new hire or an existing one. By conducting a consensual background check, you are protecting your assets and your organization by maintaining a safe and productive work environment for your employees.

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