Should I say yes to a background screen?

The interview went great, and your prospective manager got along with you swimmingly, now all that’s left is the background screen! It’s the final step before you are officially employed but you can’t shake that sinking feeling in your stomach. For many people, a background screen is incredibly intimidating.

We, at Verity Intelligence, have long advocated for businesses to take on background screening as a tool to prevent issues with personnel in the long term and make informed decisions before hiring someone.

What about the subject of the background screen? What’s in it for them? Today, we are going to be breaking down the reasons why a background screen is not as scary as it seems. Here are five reasons why saying yes to a background screen is not a bad thing:

  1. It will help verify your history

In essence, background screening is conducted on a potential employee to verify that a person is truly qualified as they claimed to be, and are right for the job. If you are confident that you have a clean record, use a background screen to your advantage as it will help provide proof to your employers about your capabilities and your past.

  1. It only accesses public data

The information gathered by background screening agencies like Verity Intelligence heavily relies on information that are made publicly available and are generally accessed only after your employers have provided them with your written consent.

  1. It will help build trust between you and your employer

Saying yes to a pre-hire screen can be seen as a token of goodwill to your future employers. It also helps build trust as your prospective employer will be able to verify your history.

  1. It helps increase security in the workplace

Companies that regularly screens new hires and employees generally place great emphasis on safety and security. If you are being screened prior to getting hired, then you would know that your fellow colleagues must have been through a screening process too. A team that has been properly screened reduces the risk of having a predator or criminal amongst them, which in turns allows for a sense of security within the workplace.

  1. You can detect problems if you get red-flagged

In the event that you are rejected from a job opportunity due to an issue with your report you weren’t aware of prior to the screen,this could be an opportunity to look into your own history in order to see if you have been misrepresented and take active steps to solve the newly detected redflags.

New to the idea of background screening? Stay tuned to to learn more!

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