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Background Screening for International Checks

For most organizations, getting employees with overseas experience or international backgrounds can be a boon. As reported in an Erasmus study in 2013, this is an opinion widely held by employers worldwide. On average, 92% of employers are said to look for transversal skills, such as openness to and curiosity about new challenges, problem-solving and decision-making skills, confidence, tolerance towards other personal values and behaviours, on top of knowledge in their field (91%) and relevant work experience (78%).

This is a commonly held perception among employers that it was also reported that students that have stayed abroad have about 70% more employability.

Your new potential hire has a great CV and appears to be the prime candidate for the job. With a great list of work experiences and academic achievement overseas, you can’t ask for a better employee, right?

However, does that awesome CV with such an extensive overseas experience also come with a rap sheet? Some criminals and con-artists have been known to move through borders when they are close to getting caught so it isn’t unusual for you to be a little suspicious. This is where Verity Intelligence can help!

Through background screening for international checks, a candidate’s history overseas can be verified through:

  • Country blacklists
  • Public and international criminal records
  • Overseas employment verification
  • Overseas education verification
  • Overseas reference checks

By properly vetting the history of a candidate, you can gain the benefits of an employee that has been exposed to an international environment and still ensure that you able to verify everything you need and maintain the same consistency with your local checks.

Of course, International Checks are only one part of the picture. Combined with other types of checks, companies would gain a better picture of what to expect from their prospective hires. Read our articles here to understand what other types of checks there are or stay tuned to for other insights.

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