Background Screening for Employment History

As in one of our older articles, we can see that it is very easy to lie on a CV. With the lack of standards for pre-hire background screenings, a candidate’s employment history and reference can be easily exaggerated or faked and get by an unsuspecting HR manager.

As CVs are a form of self-report, HR managers can only determine the employability of a candidate based on a document that is written at the discretion of its author. With background screening, you can authenticate:

  • The Duration of Employment
    • In order to seem more experienced than they actually are, some people feel the need to embellish their experience by a year or two. After all, what’s the harm in adding two more years? Background checks can verify if your incoming Senior Finance Manager truly had 5 years experience as a Finance Manager of a Big Fortune 500 company.
  • Work Accomplishments
    • It is very impressive to see candidates coming from massively famous companies or achieving amazing success in their previous employment, but were they active players or merely a bystander in projects and day-to-day projects?
  • References
    • A reference check is one of the more common parts of the hiring process. It serves as an endorsement of the candidate’s character and it is a way to determine if a candidate is honest about their achievements.

Verity Intelligence conducts background checks by comparing the CV provided by candidates and the information provided by former employers to verify for any conflicts. This is done with consent from all parties.

For more information about what else we check for in a background screen, read our articles here or stay tuned to  as we’re planning to share more.

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