Background Screening and its role in Construction Risk Management & Manpower Resolution

On October 3rd, the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) and CTOS invited the founder of Verity Intelligence to speak in a seminar on Construction Risk Management & Manpower Resolution. 

This seminar focused on creating an awareness of the importance of managing your organization’s credit risks and exposures, introduced several basic concepts along the typical customer’s credit management lifecycle as well as introduce the fundamental concepts of credit management: Evaluate, Monitor, Recover.

The highly skilled profession of being a builder involves great risk and one of the steps companies can take in mitigating such risks is through the vetting of its professionals. 

Mark Leow kicks off his session with the reasons why companies constantly hire people with problems.

As such, Mark Leow, the founder of Verity Intelligence, shared employee screening solutions that would help minimise the various issues and challenges regarding manpower in the construction sector, especially the value of having pre and during employment background checks and how it reduces risks in an industry that requires its professionals to be highly skilled.

At the end of a successful seminar, Mark Leow poses with Ms Loh Mei Ling, the Executive Director of MBAM (right) , Mr Wong Pau Min , CTOS Director of Product & Marketing (second from right) and Mr Kenneth Liew, Treasurer-General of MBAM (Right).

Next week, we return to talk about the various areas we look into when we perform a background check. Please stay tuned for more articles

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