Background Screening for Criminality

In the previous post, we talked about the areas background screenings would look into. Today, we’re taking a closer look at screening for criminal records.

According to Cilisos, an average of 1,800 Malaysian prisoners are released each year. The vast majority of them have turned over a new leaf and wish to integrate themselves back to society. Everyone deserves a second chance.

So what should organizations do, when they meet a potential hire that has a criminal record?

Based on the extent and type of the crime, organizations can still consider hiring a candidate or maintain an employee for certain jobs. Knowing that an potential employee has a criminal record does not mean that they do not deserve a life.

As the saying goes, to be informed is to be empowered which suggests that criminal background checks is a good way to make informed decisions when hiring or managing your current employees.

At Verity Intelligence, we’ve seen cases where sexual predators have used the workplace as a platform to harm women at the workplace. In such cases, problems could be nipped at the bud by not hiring such candidates in the first place.

Doing background screenings for criminality not only safeguards your company’s interest but those of your other employees, clients, customers and partners, thus allowing you to maintain a safe workplace.

At the same time, background screening can be a way to identify those who deserve a chance as redeeming themselves and to make a life after time has been served for a crime.

In the next post, we will be talking about financial checks. Stay tuned to!

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