Background screening for Little Embellishments

“This is one impressive CV,” you say to your latest interviewee. A few days later, you have a new employee on board who seems perfect for the job at hand. 

But wait! How do you know that whatever information provided by your hire is above board? It’s easy to embellish a CV, and for the most part, the majority of employers miss out on the little white lies scattered here and there in what is probably a very comprehensive application.

These little embellishments can lead to big consequences, impacting your organisation’s performance, culture and bottom line. According to global employment website, some of the common fabrications you may find in a future employee’s CV include:

  • Faking employment duration
  • Fake credentials
  • Nonexistent references
  • Withholding information or lying by omission. For instance, omitting a criminal record.
  • Exaggerating titles and positions
  • Citing fake/inaccurate reasons for leaving previous employment
  • Misrepresenting grades/educational background

When you hire a reputable background screening company, you won’t have to second-guess information in a CV. These companies do the heavy lifting for you by examining past employment records, following paper trails and having a word with former employers.

Don’t second guess a CV. Verify if there are little embellishments in them by engaging a background screening company.

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