Pocketing The Company’s Business Deals Is Easy!

Location: Penang

Offence: Stealing Company’s Business Opportunities

Offender: IT Sales Executive

Details: There are so many ways a business can lose potential sales. But it shouldn’t be coming from deliberate actions of your own employees. During one of our HR Verifications with a candidate’s previous company, we were informed by the HR personnel that the candidate held a Pre-Sales role. This meant that the candidate would know what customers were looking to purchase. He then set up a company with a friend, who would approach the same customers with a better offer.  How easy was that! We furthered our research with a Directorship and Company search, which substantiated the situation.

For us, it’s a must to refer to candidates’ HR Departments of their previous companies, because that is where the most accurate information remains; a Referee provided by the candidate will, most of the time, give a great reference. Also, we would think that Directorship searches are typically more relevant to higher levels of management or specific departments such as Procurement or Finance, but today, many of our clients have extended them to all Sales and Marketing Departments as well.

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