Reasons Why You Should Screen Your Candidates/Employees

1. Ensure a sense of safety, trust and integrity within your organization

By conducting employment background checks, you will minimize the risk of potential unwanted incidences that could be prevented by simply checking the past behaviors of candidates. When people feel safe, productivity and satisfaction go up, benefitting everyone and the organization.


2. Protect your organization’s reputation

Organizations with poor hiring practices are often times scrutinized in the news when negative incidences occur. One bad hire can damage the reputation of your organization leading to loss of revenue, business opportunities and reputational integrity.


3. Minimize the long-term costs of failed recruiting and on-boarding initiatives

The cost of a failed hire can be as much as 10 times the salary of a candidate. Minimize turnover rates as well as loss of productivity and morale by ensuring properly qualified individuals are hired.


4. Avoid potential negligent hiring & retention litigation

Completing a thorough employment background check demonstrates proper due diligence and limits the legal consequences of hiring someone (who may pose a threat to others) with a history of violence, sexual misconduct or substance abuse.


5. Safeguard organizational assets

Once inside your organization, people have the potential to capitalize on valuable information and property. Don’t be a victim of theft or information espionage.


6. Hire the most qualified, trustworthy candidates

Employment background checks help to eliminate candidates that exaggerate, misrepresent or lie on their resumes. This will ensure you hire the best people and keep out those who lack integrity.


7. Speed: Reduce turnaround time so you can complete your tasks on schedule

Our mission is to be an extension of your Human Resources department strategy. We complete the time consuming hands-on screening so you can focus on your core organizational goals.


8. Accuracy

All our reports will contain the contact information of the person we liaised with for all our respondent verification. This gives our customers the assurance that we’ve conducted the verification properly and accurately.

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