Why You Should Screen Your Current Employees

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In today’s business environment, there is a growing demand for companies to conduct Post Employment Background Checks (existing employees). A candidate with a clear background check at the time of hire, may have very different ‘surprise’ findings during the course of their employment, hence posing a risk to your business. Re-screening existing employees is a recommended in demonstrating due diligence.


Why Should You Screen Your Current Employees?

1) It’s The Law
Some industries are duty bound by regulatory bodies to maintain a safe working environment to protect the company, employees and its customers.

2) Reduce Risks of Negligent Retention
Negligent retention applies when a company should have known about an employee’s dangerous propensities, yet continued employing the individual. This can lead to 3rd party liability claims.

3) Maintain A Safer And Secure Workplace
Every company has an ethical and social responsibility to protect their employees and customers at large. No matter the situation, periodic checks on your employees boosts your organization’s reputation for excellence and zero tolerance.

4) Support Internal Affairs Investigation
Anything can happen over time. Some companies make it a policy to perform annual post employment screening for all employees and some for the purpose of internal affairs investigation.

5) A promotion Is A Change In Responsibility
As levels of responsibilities grow, so does the risk for the employer, if the said individual is placed into a position of authority.

In summary, by adding in regular post employment screening to your HR Policy, it will help you minimize your organization’s risks over the long term.


How does it work?

1) Get all your employees to sign a PDPA / Consent Letter (ask us for a template)

2) Decide on the types of checks you would like to conduct (financial probity, civil litigation, industrial court, criminal/security, directorships, etc)

3) Email the candidate’s consent to prescreen@verityintel.com

Contact us for our packages, starting from RM50 + 6% GST or less, depending on your volume.

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