Referee Lies for Candidate!

Location: Selangor

Offence: Lying About Employment History

Offenders: Candidate & Referee

Details: With Degree Mills, Employment Mills, now Referees (valid reporting supervisors) are willingly lying on a candidate’s behalf? This just goes to show how desperate a candidate can be for a good job and the lengths they are willing to go to for it.

Our latest interesting find was with a candidate who we found discrepancies with in his employment history, from duration of employment to salary. Along these lies came fake documents- exit letter and bank statements for proof of income. Luckily the HR Department was able to verify all these details to conclude that the candidate was lying. We then re-confirmed with the reporting supervisor on these discrepancies and were told that he agreed to lie upon the candidate’s request.

Most of the time, reference checks are conducted by referees provided by the candidate.  Unknowingly, the referee can be a colleague, friend or relative. This is why it is important to conduct not one, but at least two checks with referees and/or previous companies. And it is even more important to validate a referee, that they are genuine and the person the candidate was reporting to.

You never really know nowadays.

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