Bribery a Common Affair

Location: Selangor

Offence: Under-Table Money in Procurement

Offender: Procurement Manager Guilty of Bribery

Details: A Procurement Manager came under the management’s attention for a bribery investigation when his superior called one of the company’s panel suppliers to enquire why prices for a motor part had become surprisingly high in the market. It seems that the Procurement Manager who had handled the tender of proposals from 4 suppliers, collaborated with 1 supplier in particular, by amending the other suppliers’ quotations for personal gains. By ensuring this particular supplier was appointed the contract of services; this Procurement Manager received a large sum of money in return. Verity Intelligence revealed this incident when conducting a Comprehensive Reference Check with the Procurement Manager’s superior, when contacted to provide an assessment on the Procurement Manager’s work performance. For this reason, his prospective employer did not make him an offer.

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