Accounts Clerk Commits Cheque Fraud

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Offence: Cheque Fraud

Offender: Accounts Clerk at a Law Firm

Details: An Accounts Clerk who was in charge of in-coming and out-going payments took the ‘opportunity’ to meticulously cut out the last cheque from the binding area of the cheque book. Her careful work meant that no one noticed that the cheque book was missing a cheque. Putting RM30,000 to her name and forging the authorized signature, she banked in the cheque and did not turn up at work the next day. The missing cheque was only realized by the Accounts Manager a week later, with suspicions as to why the Accounts Clerk did not return to work again. Attempts to contact her via email, mobile and her home address were in vain. Even her home address was fake. We discovered that this Accounts Clerk has repeatedly committed the same offence at other law firms.

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