Banker Victim of Identity Theft

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Offence: Identity Theft

Offender: Unknown

Details: At an annual audit of all employees at an investment bank, the HR team was surprised to find that one of their employees had not declared directorship of 3 companies, upon receiving the Employment Screening Report. A meeting was arranged with the employee to clarify the matter. The even more surprisingly thing was that this employee didn’t even know he was a director of 3 companies, set up in 2008. He then shared an incident that happened to him in the same year, when he had lost his NRIC and subsequently lodged a police report. It seems that someone had found his NRIC, assumed his identity, and registered the companies with his name. A further investigation revealed that fortunately, no loans or payments were applied for or outstanding. Identity theft may be uncommon, but it does happen.

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